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Floors were often overlooked back in the old days despite that it takes up a large area of space. However things have drastically changed in the interior industry over the decades. Flooring has now been recognized as an important part that affects on interior styling and designs directly. We see this as an opportunity for us to further dedicate our expertise in flooring to the industry.

Being an expert in vinyl flooring installation, we aim to bring new breath to the flooring market by constantly seeking breakthrough in the products from every angle.


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We are proud to be one of the flooring sources in Singapore that provide diverse flooring of the finest quality including luxury vinyl flooring, laminate flooring and artificial turf, to name a few. As part of our flooring installation expertise, we emphasize on our installers’ workmanship to ensure a professional outcome that perfectly meet the requirement of our clients.

Combining the quality flooring of the latest trend together with sophisticated workmanship of our professional installers, we are confident to provide our clients the highest levels of flooring quality and service all under one roof!


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As much as we care about the quality of flooring outcome, we are in no lack when it comes to providing exceptional customer experience. Our customer service support is ready at your service! You can contact us for any questions regarding flooring installation or simply get a FREE quotation from us. You may want to check out our list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) for further informations.

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