What You Should Know About Vinyl Flooring Before Installation

Vinyl flooring is the well known name of almost every household. You will find vinyl flooring widely used almost everywhere… commercially in automotive, health care, manufacturing, retail, education as well as for residential purposes. In fact, Vinyl flooring is so popular that it has been produced massively in various parts of the world especially North…


What Everyone Must Know About Pros & Cons Of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is becoming more and more popular thanks to all it’s remarkably desirable traits and features. However, how much do you really know about vinyl flooring? Nothing is perfect in this world, it is no surprise that vinyl flooring also carries some downsides with it. It is only fair enough if you are made known of…


30 Useful Vinyl Flooring Key Terms You Need To Know Before Buying

1. Adhesive Bonding agent used to form firm bond between subfloor and floor covering like vinyl flooring. 2. Backing Layer Sometimes also known as based layer. Function as the backbone of vinyl plank. It can be made of different material like vinyl, reinforced glass fiber, etc. 3. Beveled Edge Angular edge of flooring which visually…


17 Ultimate Guide of Vinyl Flooring Care, Clean and Maintenance

Vinyl flooring has gained it’s popularity in the flooring world. There are many contributing issues towards it’s popularity, including long history of vinyl flooring, way of manufacturing and the amazing features. But it is undeniable that one of the contributing reason to it’s popularity being the straightforward routine to clean and maintain. Vinyl flooring can be…


Laminate vs. Vinyl Flooring: Which Is Better? This Will Help You Decide!

Many people might mistakenly think that both vinyl and laminate flooring are the same. No, there are not. But don’t they look similar? Well, it’s indeed difficult to differentiate both vinyl and laminate flooring visually. Despite that, there are tons of differences between these two flooring and as you compare the composition, functions and features, you…


Quick & Easy Guide For Vinyl Flooring Installation

Since you may be installing vinyl flooring for the first time, this detail guide on what to expect from start to finish of flooring installation will walk you through the whole process. PREPARATION for Vinyl Flooring InstallationPreparing your floor before installation is one of the critical steps that you should never miss. In fact, this…


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