Vinyl Flooring Installation For Commercial Purposes

Vinyl flooring is widely acceptable for commercial purposes due to the amazing properties and benefits it offers. If you are careful enough, you can find vinyl flooring being installed almost everywhere you go!

Here are some of the client’s commercial application of vinyl flooring:

Vinyl Flooring For Office

The era for carpeted office floor has slowly evolved to vinyl floored office.

Installing vinyl flooring in your office looks modern, stylish and most importantly vinyl flooring projects an opulent, clean and professional image.

Vinyl flooring also allow cleaning in the office to be done quicker and save up more time for better job performance.

Unlike carpet floor, regular vacuum cleaning is required to maintain the cleanliness as dust tend to be trapped and accumulate on the carpet. It could be troublesome even for basic cleaning of carpet floor.

Not to forget the sound insulation feature of vinyl flooring, office with vinyl flooring will have better sound proof effect and less echo compared to concrete floor. Meetings, discussions and even events can be carried out freely without affecting the surrounding offices.


Vinyl Flooring For Retail Shop

Due to the trendy and stylish designs plus tons of great reviews on vinyl floorings, more and more retail shops nowadays opt for it.

Together with the advance technology used, the designs, texture and printing of vinyl flooring has become greater in variety and more visually realistic.

There is no wonder that vinyl flooring is widely utilised even as wall decoration!

Other than the attractive designs, vinyl flooring is also popular for it’s durability. The robust wear layer is able to protect vinyl flooring against any wear and tear in busy environments with high traffic.

Vinyl Flooring For Schools

There are many areas around the school compounds that vinyl flooring fits in well, including multipurpose hall, canteen, library and even music room.

The sound proof properties of vinyl flooring helps to reduce noises from neighboring rooms so that classes are not affected by any on-going activities nearby.

Vinyl flooring is also well protected with anti-scratch and waterproof wear layer scratches, to prevent stubborn stains, scratches or indentation caused by students. The slip resistance feature also ensure activities are being carried out in a safe environment.

It is especially useful when installed in the canteen area. Slippery surface due to food or drink spillage can be reduced and prevent any injury caused by slipping.


Vinyl Flooring For Hospitals/ Clinics

Vinyl flooring with anti-static properties are commonly applied in medical field.

As the medical equipments are expensive, having an anti-static floor can help prevent the damage of these vital equipments caused by electrostatic.

Hygiene concern is another reason vinyl flooring is the flooring of choice for many hospitals and medical centers.

High quality vinyl flooring does not emit volatile organic content (VOCs) and will not affect the indoor air quality.

Vinyl Flooring For Gym

Vinyl flooring specially made for heavy-duty usage is perfectly suitable to be installed in the gym.

As all the gym equipments are heavy, only vinyl flooring with heavy-duty function is able to sustain the weights and activities in the gym.

The sound-proof feature is also another highlight where noises from training and using gym equipment can be reduced.

Check out more about the benefits of vinyl flooring for different purposes.

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