Laminate flooring is getting commonly seen in the market. It is one of the flooring that is widely used nowadays.

However, there are still areas of confusion when it comes to distinguish laminate flooring and vinyl flooring. Here in we provide both laminate flooring and vinyl flooring and it is crucial to clearly understand both of the flooring types before making your mind.

So let’s go back to the basic and yet most frequently asked questions…


What Is Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring is made out of multilayer of compressed wood a.k.a wood composite through the process called lamination. Hence, the name laminate flooring.

Unlike natural wood, the core material used in laminate flooring is composite wood which derived from mixture of wood waste or scraps together with additives and fixation. This man-made wood is widely used in other industrial and commercial products other than laminate flooring.


It Is Also Known As Floating Floor

Don’t be surprised to find that laminate flooring is also known to be floating floor in some other countries. This is due to the fact that laminate floor does not required nail down installation method like hardwood.

Installation of laminate flooring always begins with a layer of underlayment foam to line the subfloor before laying laminate floor planks on top.

The piece by piece arrangement of laminate plank joined together into a heavy single layer ‘floating’ on top of the underlayment.

This firm joining of laminate planks allows the entire flooring to be rigidly locked in place without sliding around.


Looks Like Real Wood…

The fascinating real wood appearance of laminate flooring we see today is all due to the layer of real-wood imitation photograph. This is also the reason why laminate flooring comes in unlimited variety of wood color, designs and styles.


Durable, Easy to Maintain & Versatile

Similar to vinyl flooring, laminate flooring is durable, easy to maintain and versatile. There are a few brands even produces laminate flooring with antimicrobial features to improve hygienic level of flooring.


It’s All About Variety!

To further improve it’s application, laminate flooring has now come with different forms as well.

So don’t be surprised to see laminate floor tile the next time you ask about laminate flooring. In fact, the variety is getting richer! Check out this post on the latest types and forms of laminate flooring.

If you are looking for something other than laminate flooring, we have got different types of flooring available! All you need to do is to go checkout our gallery for more options.


Simple Installation

Another hot selling point of laminate flooring is it’s simple and easy installation. Certain type of laminate flooring doesn’t even require the application of glue!

The advance technology used to form a robust and glueless laminate floor is able to provide the same outcome of the laminate flooring with adhesive.


Want To Learn More About Laminate Flooring?

We have plenty of designs and styles for laminate flooring. Check out the gallery below and do not hesitate to contact us for more information! Also, don’t forget to find out what others have been saying about laminate flooring!

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