Cleaning & Maintenance


Vinyl Flooring Cleaning & Maintenance

Before selecting your vinyl flooring of choice, knowing all the advantages of vinyl flooring is important but maintaining it is as crucial as well. Keeping a good practice of cleaning and maintenance will definitely make your flooring last longer.

To be frank, cleaning and maintaining vinyl flooring is pretty straightforward but that doesn’t mean you can do it your own way. There are still highlights worth take note of to avoid damaging the surface layer.

Here are some areas you should be concerning when cleaning and maintaining your vinyl flooring.

#1 Ways of proper daily cleaning

#2 Tools and equipment used for cleaning

#3 Cleaning agent used

#4 Basic protection for vinyl flooring

#5 Cleaning after newly installed floor

By focusing on all these 5 areas, you can be sure that your vinyl flooring is getting the right treatment.


Overall, vinyl flooring is pretty easy to be taken care of and because of that vinyl flooring makes it way to acheiving 5-star reviews from it’s users. If you would like to know more about the details concerning these 5 areas, check out the 17 Ultimate Guide of Vinyl Flooring Care, Clean and Maintenance with all the tips listed down in details.


Laminate Flooring Maintenance & Care

For laminate flooring, more cautions should be exercise when it comes to cleaning and maintaning it. Unlike vinyl flooring, laminate flooring is made of material that tends to swell or warp if exposed to moisture for a prolonged period of time.

Maintenance of laminate flooring is recommended to be taken care by professionals for the best results. If you require maintenance service for your laminate flooring, feel free to contact with our flooring experts!

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