Vinyl Flooring for Residential Purposes

Over the decades, vinyl flooring has improved tremendously on it’s design and quality. It is no longer the cheap and second-class flooring option that you know. In fact, the review of vinyl flooring from homeowners are so good that vinyl flooring is the most popular flooring option today!

Vinyl flooring installed for residential purposes brings in tons of advantages that outruns other types of flooring.

Here are the areas where vinyl flooring is commonly installed in a household.

Vinyl Flooring Installation Areas

Vinyl Flooring For Bedroom

Bedroom is everyone’s most personal and vulnerable place of everyday living. Every part of decoration in your bedroom subconsciously affects your emotion and sense of belonging. Choosing the right flooring is crucial as it occupy large area of your bedroom.


What can you expect by having vinyl flooring in your bedroom?

1: Say Goodbye To Cold Hard Floor In The Morning

Stepping on cold floor the moment you get up can be harsh. It’s time to put an end to the way you kickstart your morning.

Installing vinyl flooring in your bedroom can help maintain floor temperature so it does not get cold even during rainy days.

Another plus point of vinyl flooring is the underfoot comfort when stepping on it. Unlike the hard surface of ceramic floor, vinyl flooring is softer and provide extra comfort when walking in barefoot.


2: Sound Insulation

Everyone wants to have a peace of mind when it’s time to sleep. Any noises can be irritating and here’s when installing vinyl flooring helps!

Vinyl flooring with designated function comes with a certain level of soundproof properties. Sound of heavy footsteps and noises from surrounding neighbourhood can be tuned down as this special type of vinyl flooring is able to absorb and insulate noises.

This particular properties of vinyl flooring is definitely a great help to ensure you a peaceful sleep all night long especially for household with infant, elderly members or person suffer from insomnia.


3: Pleasant in the eye

Vinyl flooring comes with a wide variety of styles, designs and colors. It can even be printed in different tones and texture of natural wood and stones which makes it versatile to match easily with any prefered style or design of your room.

Check out some of our bedroom design ideas with vinyl flooring installed. The different texture and tones of vinyl flooring not only beautify your entire room but also act as an overall aesthetic enhancer!


Vinyl Flooring For Living Room

Living room is the heart of a house where it affect most the impression of your house. It is where your guests will see when they first come into your house; it is also where all family members gather around and of course a haven where you can relax after work.

By saying all that, you know how crucial it is to have the right designs for your living room so that it perfectly meet your daily needs.


Vinyl flooring can be a great pick for living room flooring, here’s why:

1: High durability

Most daily activities are being carried out in the living area and it could be a mess, the one thing that you should worry less is your floor.

Vinyl flooring is able to withstand high traffic, resistant to wear and scratches as well as water proof.

So, be it a spill or playing with pets on the floor, vinyl flooring is durable enough to accommodate well with all these heavy usage.


2: Easy cleanup and maintenance

As living room covers a large area of space, cleaning and maintaining your floor can be tiring. By installing vinyl flooring, daily cleaning can be make easy by just sweeping and mopping. The best part is, vinyl flooring does not require any specific treatment in order to make it last longer.

All you need is regular cleaning but do bear in mind that you should avoid using certain cleaning equipment on vinyl flooring to protect it’s wear layer. Check out our tips on proper way to clean and maintain vinyl flooring.


3: Anti-slip

This is another highlight if you install vinyl flooring in your living room. As we mostly move about in the living room area, it is important to ensure that it’s not slippery especially when in contact with water or spillage.

Certain vinyl flooring has deep embossed surface that contribute to it’s anti-slip properties. The embossed surface effectively reduce the chances of slip and fall by increasing friction between our feet and floor surface. If you have minors or elderly member at home, do consider install vinyl flooring with anti-slip function.

Check out other attractive features of vinyl flooring here!


Vinyl Flooring For Kitchen

Kitchen is another common area of our daily usage. It is easily exposed to water and stains which is why your choice of flooring matters the most. Choosing vinyl flooring for your kitchen can is especially beneficial if you are busy parent with a career. Let’s see why..

1: Hygienic

Having to mention that vinyl flooring is easy to clean and maintain, hygienic is another added advantage that comes with it. Spillage, grease or liquid left on vinyl flooring can be wiped off easily without staining the floor.

Vinyl flooring is also waterproof which prevent water from seeping into the ground, keeping your kitchen dry and clean all the time.

Not to forget that this waterproof properties of vinyl flooring also helps prevent the growth of mold and other microorganisms that will affect the hygiene of your kitchen.


2: Fire retardant

Do you know the reason vinyl flooring is safe to be installed in kitchen is due to it’s fire retardant properties? The material of vinyl flooring is able to stop fire from spreading in case of emergency. Instead, it reduce flammability of the area and slow down the combustion.

However, vinyl flooring is not recommended to be installed in commercial kitchen. You may check out more about how vinyl flooring react when contact with fire here!


3: Fast and easy replacement

Here’s another advantage of vinyl flooring not to be missed: If any indentation is caused to the surface, fret not! The replacement of that particular vinyl floor piece can be done within minutes without having to dismantle flooring for the whole kitchen area.

Replacing particular vinyl floor piece is relatively more cost saving in the long run. It is also not obvious that replacement had been done. I bet you can hardly tell which particular piece has been replaced as every piece looks the same overall.


Other Application Of Vinyl Flooring

The advantages of vinyl flooring are so extensive that it has even received great demand in commercial application. Check out the list of commercial applications of vinyl flooring here!

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