Other Types of Flooring

Even though Vinyl flooring is the best seller, we did not narrow our scope to just one type of flooring. Our aim is to let you enjoy the freedom of choosing and comparing each type of flooring before making up your mind.

Let’s take a look at the extensive range of options and flooring services we have got to offer other than vinyl flooring.

Real Wood Flooring

This is the classic choice if you would like your home to portrait a warmth and grandeur look. Real wood flooring is more expensive due to the material source and this type of flooring requires regular maintenance.

Despite that, it is considered as a way of investment as it offers additional resale value on residential and commercial property.

Parquet Flooring

If you are thinking the parquet floor nowadays is the same old parquet floor that you’ve seen decades ago, you will be surprised to find that parquet floor is now actually more durable.

Not to mention the cost of parquet flooring is still expensive, the quality had improved a lot including UV resistant and anti-scratch.

Parquet floor is simply attractive in its own way which is commonly used as residential flooring. It actually worth your second thought if you are a parquet lover!

Carpet Flooring

It is another versatile type of flooring that is suitable to be used in household or commercial area. Carpet always gives out warm and cozy feeling plus the underfoot comfort is non-compatible with any type of flooring.

The wide variety of colors and textures of carpets also make it easily blend in with any style of interior design.

That is also why carpet is widely used as commercial flooring like offices and hotels.


As it’s name suggest, outdoor decking is commonly installed in outdoor area. This type of flooring provides high aesthetic value to your home and additional resale value.

Besides it’s pleasant outlook, decking is also very durable, waterproof and able to withstand long term UV exposure.

Artificial Turf

Green is another new black in the flooring market. Artificial turf is able to provide the look and feel of real green grass texture. It is relatively affordable and does not require any extra maintenance.

Having a piece of artificial turf at the corner of your home or your work premises helps you feel more refreshing and keeps your mind at peace.

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