Vinyl flooring is the fastest growing resilient flooring that dominant the market nowadays. It’s also foreseen to remain such popularity in many years to come. If you haven’t heard much of this flooring industry star, do check out our article on all you need to know about vinyl flooring from A-Z!

Especially for Luxury vinyl flooring (LVT), it’s the market leading product. No doubt that the advantages it offers is the reason of it’s popularity. I bet you wouldn’t want to miss this.

Likewise, it is always wise to compare the differences between LVT and standard vinyl flooring as you wouldn’t want to make the wrong choice and only regret it later.


Vinyl Flooring Is Not The Same As Laminate Flooring

Vinyl flooring is definitely different from laminate flooring, despite that both look pretty similar. Don’t get your self confused when choosing the type of flooring that you need.

Check out this thorough comparison between vinyl flooring and laminate flooring.


Do You Know Vinyl Flooring Available In Different Forms?

Vinyl flooring comes in the form of sheet, tile & plank which are currently easily found in the market. These different forms and shapes of vinyl flooring make it so versatile that it’s suitable to be installed in different household and even commercial applications.

Structure wise, vinyl flooring comes with 5 layers or more, depending on the quality and price that you required. The bottom layer act as backing sometimes is with adhesive.

Each layer has it’s function to make it a good quality vinyl piece. Check out different forms and grades of vinyl floor which you should commonly find.


Stylish Look Of Vinyl Flooring

With advance technology today, vinyl flooring is printed mimicking not just the look but also the feel of traditional wood flooring. The texture, tone, grain and grooves are all in higher resolution. It looks exactly like real wood to the point that it’s hard to tell the differences at one glance!

Besides natural wood look, you can find vinyl flooring stimulated in ceramic, natural stone and multicolor. Vinyl flooring is so versatile that it can be printed in almost any design or pattern that you want!

Can’t imagine it? Check out our vinyl floor sample gallery today and look for the perfect look for your floor.


Residential & Commercial Application

As a resilient floor, vinyl flooring is extremely durable and sustainable to high traffic which then make it a perfect choice to install for household and commercial purposes.

We provide our best flooring installation services for both commercial and residential vinyl flooring!

All you need to do is drop us an email or get a free quotation from us and our customer service team will be ready to assist you.


Vinyl Flooring Installation

While you may heard that installing vinyl flooring is a pretty simple and easy task that even homeowners can diy themselves.

Well, the truth is it may look simple but still a certain level of skill is required to achieve a perfect outcome. If you have the experience of installing vinyl flooring previously, you may go for diy.

However, if you are the newbie to diy world, it’s not encourage to take the risk. Leave the installation job to the expert like us and you will be sure that your flooring is in good hands.


Vinyl Flooring Cleaning & Maintenance

Vinyl flooring is also known for it’s simple and easy maintenance. In fact, it’s so convenient that some even considered vinyl flooring to be zero-maintenance.

However, there are still certain way to help protect your vinyl flooring better and extend it’s durability.

Here’re some of the steps to clean and take good care of your vinyl flooring.


Endless Lists Of Amazing Features

Besides being well-known from high durability, there are many more benefits vinyl flooring has to offer.

From water-proof, feet comfort, pet friendly, sound insulate and the list goes on… why not check out this list of amazing features on vinyl flooring that we have analyzed for you?

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